Another failed prediction

 Unless I, along with a host of other Christians was not found worthy to spend eternity with Jesus, then Mr. Harold Camping has missed yet another prediction.  If he was right and the rapture did take … [Read more...]

Tribulation Viewpoints

            Studying the book of Revelation takes a lot of passion, but it’s almost impossible to discuss it without having to address the different tribulation theories.  There are three main … [Read more...]

Tripartite Being

A tripartite being is one that consists of three distinct parts.  Although they are distinct parts, they are also a part of the whole and not one of them can be separated without changing its very … [Read more...]


The word trinity does not appear in the Bible, but that does not nullify its validity.  There are several other words or phrases that do not appear in the Bible.  Second coming, rapture, demonic, and … [Read more...]

Salvation is open to all

There are many people out there that think they have done something in the past that was so horrible and so disgusting that God will never forgive them.   They are ashamed of some of the despicable … [Read more...]

Return for the Saints

There are some individuals out there who contends that Jesus is never coming back to receive his saints.  This thought process is scriptural; 2 Peter 3:4, “…..saying, where is the promise of his … [Read more...]

Maintaining Salvation

There is a lot of debate in church circles concerning salvation and whether or not it can be lost or forfeited.  Salvation is free because it does not cost us anything.  Salvation is a gift; Eph. 2:8, … [Read more...]

Lord’s Prayer

            The so-called Lord’s Prayer in Mt. 6:9-13 is often misunderstood.  It is called the Lord’s Prayer, but is it really?  Our Lord is God, so why does He have to pray.  This prayer is a model … [Read more...]

Life After Death

I have crossed paths with individuals that believe that in this life; one live; one dies; one is buried; and that ends it. They believe that the only part that remains of an individual after death is … [Read more...]

Heaven & Hell

It is amazing to know that there is an enormous amount of people who do not believe in heaven and hell. Many people believe that there is a place called heaven, but there are some who doubt that … [Read more...]