Is it Passover or Easter?

The word Easter appears one time in the Bible (KJV). This word should not be in the Bible (KJV). It is a mistranslation. It should have been translated Passover instead of Easter.


The Strong’s number for Passover is #G3957 and it appears 28 times in the New Testament. Every time Strong’s number #G3957 is used, it is translated as Passover, except one time. That one exception is found in Act. 12:4, when it is translated Easter. Perhaps the translator was a little bias. The one time that Strong’s #G3957 is translated as Easter; it is upper case. The other 27 times when it is translated as Passover, it is always lower-case, except one time (Luk. 22:1).


Note the following verses and pay special attention to the text that’s highlighted in red.


Act. 12:4  And G2532  when he(G3739) had apprehended G4084  him, he put G5087him in G1519  prison, G5438  and delivered G3860him to four G5064  quaternions G5069  of soldiers G4757  to keep G5442  him; G846  intending G1014  after G3326Easter G3957  to bring him forth G321 G846  to the G3588  people. G2992


1Co. 5:7 Purge out G1571  therefore G3767  the G3588  old G3820  leaven, G2219  that G2443  ye may be G5600  a new G3501  lump, G5445  as G2531  ye are G2075  unleavened. G106  For G1063  even G2532  Christ G5547  our G2257passover(G3957) is sacrificed G2380  for G5228  us: G2257


Heb. 11:28 Through faith G4102  he kept G4160  the G3588passover, G3957 and G2532  the G3588  sprinkling G4378  of blood, G129  lest G3363  he that destroyed G3645  the G3588  firstborn G4416  should touch G2345  them. G846