Tribe                            Name’s Meaning Father Mother
Reuben See, a son         Lord looked upon my affliction Jacob Leah
Simeon Hearing with acceptance   Lord heard she was hated Jacob Leah
Levi Adherence, joined   husband joined unto her Jacob Leah
Judah Praise      praise the Lord Jacob Leah
Dan Judge   God judged me and heard my voice Jacob Bilhah*
Naphtali Wrestled   great wrestling with her sister Jacob Bilhah*
Gad A troop cometh    good fortune Jacob Zilpah**
Asher Happy   I will be called blessed Jacob Zilpah**
Issachar Hire         God has given me my hire     reward   Jacob Leah
Zebulon Dwelling   God endued me with a good dowry  gift,  wife-price Jacob Leah
Joseph He will increase      God has taken away my reproach Jacob Rachel
Benjamin (Benoni)      Son of sorrow           given by Rachel on her deathbed Jacob Rachel
  (Benjamin)  Son of right hand       given by Jacob    
* Rachel’s handmaiden    
** Leah’s handmaiden