As followers of Christ, we are all called to represent Him. As we represent Christ in our daily lives, our light will shine brightly for Him so that others may see Him living in us, and be drawn to Him. The world is watching. Watching what we are doing, what we are saying, how we are living. It is our job to represent Christ well.
While none of us are perfect, we can only be true representatives of Christ if we know His Word. The best way to know the Word is to read it, study it, talk about it, and learn what it means so that we understand it. Once we understand it, then we will be better able to apply it and its principles to our daily lives. Then as we live the Word, our light will begin to shine, brighter and brighter.
At Epistle of Christ Ministries, our focus is on teaching you the word. We do this via an interactive learning environment in which we walk through the scriptures and discuss how to apply them in daily life.
You can’t shine what you haven’t applied. And you can’t apply what you haven’t learned. Come learn the Word with us.