Another Failed Prediction

Unless I, along with a host of other Christians was not found worthy of spending eternity with Jesus, Mr. Harold Camping has missed yet another prediction. If he was right and the rapture did take place, then all of us are considered “left behind.” It seems ironic, though, that none of us knew anyone that was truly born-again. Not even Mr. Harold Camping had properly prepared himself because he’s still present with us. Mr. Camping’s prediction was the third failed prediction concerning the rapture.  The first prediction was 9/6/1994 and the second and third predictions were 5/21/2011 and 10/21/2011.

Scripture tells us that no one knows the day or the hour of Christ’s return except God the Father (Mat.24:36). Unless Mr. Camping thinks he is God, he should not be making ANY predictions.  Scripture also informs us that prophecies that do not come to pass are brought forth by false prophets.

Too many times, people fall for these predictions concerning the return of Christ. These failed predictions are a clear indication that they are not reading their Bibles for themselves. They are relying on others to tell them what’s in the Bible. Taking this stance is called the blind leading the blind (Mat.15:14). This behavior will ultimately lead to rejection of an enormous amount of people when He returns, Mat.7:23, “…..Then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

It is imperative from this day forward that you do not listen anymore to predictions that set a specific date concerning the return of Christ.  No one knows His return date, but Jesus Himself did say that we can recognize the season. To avoid confusion, we should commit to reading and studying the Bible. That way, you will know the truth and be better positioned to recognize a false prophet wherever they might be. This course of action will keep you in right-standing with the Lord, build your faith, and give you peace.