The Caretaker

Sandra Thompson has been taking care of others for almost all of her life.  As a child, she took care of her younger brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins. As an adult, she took care of her own children and kept close watch on many others.  In her professional life, she has been devoted to taking care of the elderly, making sure they have what they need, and someone to help them along.

And now Sandra continues to live her life taking good care of others.  Giving them what they need, but not always what they want.  She is a helper.  She is an encourager.  She is a mom to many.  She is also very committed to taking care of her fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

As a part of her calling to care for others, Sandra recently was led to start Household of Faith, a ministry within Epistle of Christ Ministries in which she is able to apply the principles that have been set forth in the Bible to be a help and provider of the needs of those that we come into contact with, especially those within the Household of Faith.