How do you know whether a work is God’s or Satan’s?

Question:      “Give Satan an inch and he’ll be your ruler” How do you know he’s involved or God? If we’ve been given the power of choice how do you know when you’re being influenced? Example: If I feel something is not right, is it God telling me or Satan blinding me? Or is it a choice all on my own?

Answer: Yes, you have been given the power of choice.  That choice is used to discern good from evil, right from wrong, no from maybe, and etc.  We are indeed influenced both by God and by Satan.  It is our job to recognize the source of this information we are receiving.  God is specific.  He gives the problem, the root cause of that problem, and the solution to solving the problem.  Satan, on the other hand, only gives enough truth to cause confusion.  If the feelings are clear, precise, and can be substantiated, then it is clearly of God.  If the feelings are vague, with no conclusive evidence, too many loose ends, and no solution, then it is probably the adversary.  Be careful though, that the feelings are not your own.  Sometimes people are so hurt that they only see what they want to see.

Another way to discern the source of the feelings is to remember that God purpose is to build things up; John 10:10.  Satan, on the other hand, sole purpose is to seek and destroy; 1 Pet 5:8.  Do not become a victim.  One’s choice comes to play, first, in determining the source of the information, then, how he responds to that information; Mat.10:16.