Will there be seas at the Second Coming?

Rev. 21:1 states that there is a new heaven, new earth, and there will be no more sea. Does this literally mean that there will not be any bodies of water called seas left on earth?

Answer: This goes back to Rev. 16:17-21. At the pouring out of the seventh vial, there will be a great earthquake. This earthquake will not create a new earth; it will simply rearrange the seas, rivers, mountains, and islands. Although the appearance of the earth will change; it will not be new, but the same one with a makeover. This revamping is much like the makeover in Genesis Chapter 1, when the earth was void and without form. This is when God remodeled the earth and set the boundaries for the seas. There will be seas, but the great earthquake will relocate some of them to make room for the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven; Rev. 21:2.