The Visionary

Charles Thompson has been living the life of a visionary for years.  As he sees a need, he establishes a vision for how things should be, and then has put a track record in place for how to achieve the desired results.  In the early 1980s, Charles recognized that New York City wasn’t the place where he wanted to raise his three young daughters, so he made preparations to get a transfer to Tampa, Florida.  It didn’t matter that they didn’t know a soul in Florida or that they had never been there.  He, his wife, and his three young daughters picked up, moved, and made a home there.  He and the family have been living in the greater Tampa Bay area ever since.

A few years after living in Tampa, Charles recognized that the neighborhood his family was living in was changing for the worse, and he wanted better for his family.  So he bought a piece of land in a sparsely populated neighborhood north of Tampa, and proceeded to build a house for his family.  It didn’t matter that he was a mailman by trade, and didn’t have any contracting experience.   He built his family a house, and 20 years later, he still lives in that house with his wife Sandra.

So when in 2007, after 25 years of walking with Christ and studying the Word, it should have come at no surprise that Charles would have established another vision as a solution for a problem.  During the years of his walk with Christ, Charles noticed that many believers didn’t actually know what the Bible said.  Sure, they went to traditional churches, but for a variety of reasons, they knew very little about the Word.  As such, they often had trouble putting its principles into action in their daily lives.  So after being inspired and led of the Holy Spirit, Epistle of Christ Ministries was established with the goal of teaching the Word of God to those who are looking for greater spiritual growth and guidance.