Was Jesus ever in a state of uncleanness?

I answer this question by reminding you of the woman with the issue of blood. Scripture states that if a woman has an issue of blood, she’s in an unclean state (Lev. 15:19) The same scripture continues by stating that anyone that touches her is also unclean. When the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus, that also caused Jesus to temporarily be in an unclean state.

When this question emerges, many associate the state of holiness with being clean. It is possible to be holy and unclean at the same time. Being unclean does not automatically make you unholy. Being unclean does not mean one has sinned. Here is an example. If a Christian while changing a baby’s diaper, accidentally get some poop on his or her hand, does that make that Christian unholy? No, that individual is still a Christian, with an unclean hand. The poop or uncleanness did not affect the person’s heart. Here is another example. Numbers 19:14 states that anyone entering the building where a person has recently died, is unclean. Does the mere fact that a Christian visits a hospital makes him or her unholy? No, that Christian did not commit any sins, therefore that Christian is holy, and unclean at the same time. So, the answer to the question is yes,there were times that Jesus found himself in an unclean state, but he never committed any sins (Heb. 4:15).