Why did Jesus tell the man to “take up thy bed and walk”?

Question: In Luke 5:19, why did Jesus tell the man that was brought to him by way of the roof to “take up thy bed and go home?”

Answer: Luke 5:19 parallels with Mar.2:9.  It is the same incident recorded by two different authors.  The focus should not be on why Jesus told him to go home, but on the reason Jesus told him to take up his bed and leave.  Jesus told the man that his sins were forgiven.  Then the Scribes and Pharisees questioned why he was blaspheming, because only God could forgive sins.  Jesus told them that it really doesn’t matter whether he said take they bed and walk or thy sins be forgiven.  Either way, because Jesus is God, he have the authority to heal men on the Sabbath Day and to forgive men for their sins, both in heaven and in earth.  Jesus had already told the man he was forgiven for his sins, now he was just telling him that he was healed and to leave under his own power.  Either way he was signifying that he was God.