Is the present recession a part of Bible Prophecy?

Question:      With all of the companies and banks going out of business, the economy being bad, are these events part of prophecy of end times? If so where in the Bible can this be found?

Answer: The Bible talks about perilous times in the last days, but it’s not directly referencing the financial struggles the United States is experiencing right now.  The Bible is predominately written about Israel and the surrounding region.  Although, these are difficult times, the perilous times mentioned in 2 Tim. 3:1-7 are primarily talking about the unrighteousness in the world during the last days.  To answer your question; No, prophecy as a whole, does not usually include the events taking place around the world unless it has a direct effect on Israel and the surrounding region.  World’s economies are tied together, but the present financial woes of the Unites States were not prophesied.