Epistle of Christ Ministries


1Peter 1



Who is Peter?

Peter was an apostle                        1Pe. 1:1          an apostle of Jesus Christ

He was appointed by Jesus  Mat. 16:18     upon this rock I will build my church

1 Peter is a book of the Bible — in the form of a letter (epistle)

From   Peter, an Apostle

To:       the strangers that are scattered throughout

Peter is writing to Strangers

Strangers       #G3927          an alien          resident foreigner     pilgrim

The strangers that Peter is referencing — are gentiles

And they are believers         1Pe. 1:2          elect


The strangers (gentiles) are scattered throughout the world

Where are the strangers (gentiles) scattered?

Pontus                                    a region of Asia Minor (Turkey)

Galatia                        a region of Asia

Cappadocia                a region of Asia Minor (Turkey)

Asia                             Asia Minor (Turkey)

Bithynia                      a region of Asia (northwest Turkey)

Note:   The phrase (scattered throughout)

Does not necessarily mean the entire globe

Peter is writing to the people in the present day Turkey


Peter is acknowledging God — the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

Because of God’s abundant mercy

He gave us a second opportunity to spent eternity with Him

The first time — He gave us physical birth

The second time — He gave us spiritual birth (by His Son)

He gave us a lively hope

Lively  #G2198                      to live              life

Hope   #G1680                      confidence     faith

Lively hope is faith to live our lives — according to His word

That lively hope was manifested by —

The resurrection of Christ Jesus from the dead

What is the significance of the shed blood of Jesus?

It is an inheritance:

That inheritance is:   incorruptible             undefiled       does not fade away

Conclusion: our inheritance is eternal life


Although we have salvation, there will be tests

            Even though we will be tempted by the ways of the world

                        We should continue to rejoice — until the end

The end being — His return — or our death


Old Testament prophets — did not see Jesus

The were constantly looking for the day of Christ

In the Old Testament the prophets prophesied about the birth of Jesus


In the New Testament, ministers preach about the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Christ Jesus


The angels are envious of Christians                 Heb. 1:13-14

God never told an angel to:

Sit on my right hand — until He make their enemies their footstool


Instructions to the born-again gentiles

Gird up the loins of your mind (prepare yourself)

Be sober and have faith — until the end

Continue to wait for the pleasure that arrives when Jesus returns

Be obedient


Call on the Father

He judges all — according to their works

He’s no respecter of persons


The redemption of mankind was fore ordained

Before the foundation of the world

Joh. 1:1           in the beginning was the Word

And the Word was with God

And the Word was God

But it was not manifested until these last days (New Testament)

Joh. 1:14         the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us


Because our souls are purified — we are born again

We are not born-again of a corruptible seed —

We are born of an incorruptible seed

We are born-again — by the word of God

The Word (Christ) is alive — and the Word lives forever


The weakness of the flesh

            All flesh is likened to grass — therefore man is also likened to grass

            The flower of the grass is it’s identification (pretty and ugly)

                        Therefore the lifestyle (deeds) of man —

Is his identification (positively or negatively)


            Just a the flower of the grass withers —

Man’s lifestyle (deeds) will also wither

                                    Unless he endures until the end